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Not feeling well today:
1) Head cold – why am I so whiny about this cold thingy? Don’t I have anything better to think about? World hunger? Toxic waste? Shrinking ozone? The prevalence of corn in our diets?
2) PMS – I think I forgot what cramps felt like. Again, I don’t have anything better to think about.
3) Email (that’s with an “e”) – I received 58 emails sent to the wrong Kelley today. Why? Because of operator error. She’s a “y” and I’m an “ey”. Why is this so hard to comprehend? Seriously…

Why my day wasn’t all bad:
1) World Market sells wine in 6oz. bottles. Can anyone say “portion control”? Say it with me. No more uncorked bottles staring you down; making you drink it all in one sitting; making you feel bad that you’re letting it slowly ferment to vinegar. Oh, the pressure! So, these little gems are great. Pick one up the next time you’re out and about.
2) Blythe makes me happy. I have postcards from her and they always make me smile. Thanks, Blythe!


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