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Busy Weekend

Wow. I’m glad I had a day off from work. I needed to recuperate from a long weekend:

Friday: Margaritas and Bowling
The margaritas came with dinner at Riviera Maya. I say “came with” because it was Mexican food, and don’t margaritas always come with tacos and burritos? And why go with single glasses when it’s more efficient to order a pitcher – for two people. Well, these ‘ritas were top notch – turns out they’re known for their tasty drinks. Pretty much kicked my gluteas, and consequently affected both Paul and my bowling games later in the evening. Bowling was at Bay View Bowl, where we met up with former co-workers and their spouses/families. Lots of fun, but again, too much to much margaritas.

Saturday : the “Three Girls and their Buddy” Concert
Friends from Chicago came up to enjoy a concert at the Pabst Theater here in Milwaukee. This was exciting, as most music headliners that come through Milwaukee also stop in Chicago. Not so in this case. The show consisted of Patty Griffin, Emmylou Harris, Sean Colvin and Buddy Miller. They did accoustic versions of some of their songs, each offering harmony/back-up for one another. Patty and Emmylou shined, as did Buddy Miller, who I was unfamiliar with. I highly recommend that you grab a Patty or Emmylou CD, so you’ll know what I’m talking about. And, seeing my Chicago friends in Milwaukee was also nice! We went to Tutto for dinner and grabbed drinks at Water Buffalo after the show, all full of great conversation.

Sunday: Happy Packer Sunday!
I was a lucky girl on Sunday. Paul asked me to join him for the Packers NFC Championship game in Green Bay. That’s Green Bay, Wisconsin. In January. Where the weather regularly drops below zero for weeks at a time. Yep. That’s where I was! On the sacred frozen tundra of La-La-La-La-Lambeau Field. And it was awesome! Yes, temps got to -4, with a windchill that made it feel like -20, but I was warm and toasty in newly purchased snow pants and face mask, several layers of long underwear, fleece, hand/toe warmers, and insulation from everyone around me. We were packed in tight in all directions. Sadly, the Packers lost, but it was truly a memorable day, and one I’m glad I got to be a part of. I am a lucky girl!


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  1. Thanks for not mentioning that I totally knocked you over during that Packer game. 🙂

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