Another busy weekend

I thought things were supposed to slow down in January? Hibernate, watch a lot of DVD’s, sleep, read. Things I looked forward to in December. Well, we went bowling again this weekend, and I have to say my game improved a ton over last week. Paul’s did too. But, let’s just say mine was better and leave it at that. We also had a Settlers of Catan game night on Saturday. We played the Seafarer’s version, which Paul gave me for Christmas. The board dynamics change completely – more islands, strategies, and most especially…time. Sunday night we checked out The Editors show at the Pabst. Music was good; light show was awful. It kind of ruined the whole night. A well-intentioned British pop invasion goes bad. Lead singer (Tom Smith) sounded like Morrissey, though, whom I have liked since 8th grade. I played a little when I got home and realized it was only the live Tom Smith that sounded like Morrissey; the CD sounds nothing like Mr. Mo. Made the night a little bit better, though, to fall asleep to “Every Day is Like Sunday” – on a Sunday, no less.

Now, I plan to rest up for next weekend – 2 birthday parties, a superbowl pre-party, furniture shopping, and a superbowl party. I’m glad there’s a coffee shop on almost every corner here in town…


2 Responses

  1. Don’t forget, there’s also the Lost premiere!

  2. You are way too busy! Then again my last week went something like – Wednesday Knitting Night where I learned how to spin yarn, Thursday out with a coworker for her 21 b-day and was out til bar close, Friday – had B’s b-day party with friends. That’s 10 boys in my house including mine. Saturday – dentist and in laws came for afternoon and dinner. Sunday – day of rest!

    Looking forward to seeing you on Saturday!

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