It’s been a while…

So, part of me has been wondering if I would continue this blog. I was into it for a while, but it’s difficult writing about something that’s interesting all the time. I could write about work, but that would probably get me into trouble one day. I could write about Paul, but that would make his head even bigger than it already is. I could even vent about annoyances, but where’s the fun in that? I really enjoy T’s blog because while I already knew that being a mom is amazing, I also know that being a mom is tough – and she points out the good, the bad and the ugly with a humorous twist.

So, what’s my angle? I’m still trying to figure that out.

Possible blog angles:

  1. How to deal with living in tiny spaces: I could blog about the size of my apartment and all of the things I could create more storage space.
  2. How to throw things away: if you only knew how many empty boxes I save – big, little, extra little, gift, moving, storage. I have no need for them, except as soon as I throw them away I’ll decide to move. I just know it.
  3. What am I drinking (at the moment it’s a Harp beer. Because I can): Paul and I recently went on a vacation to California where we visited 12 wineries. Yes, 12. We joined a wine club while we were out there that may keep us stocked for quite a while. I may live in Beer Town, but I do love the vino!
  4. Things to do when you don’t have cable: It’s true. I live in a cable-free household. Scary, right? Paul is my source for all things entertaining – from his irresistible personality to his 70″ flat screen Direct TV hook-up. So, I could offer solutions to living without cable (besides getting a techy-loving boyfriend, that is).
  5. Make up stuff: I am often told I say “maybe” a lot. Apparently my “maybes” tend to be completely ludicrous ideas. Maybe. What is the origin of that word? I need it to go away. Maybe…

Not sure yet. You’ll just have to be surprised.


2 Responses

  1. YIPPEE!!!! You are back!! How about writing about your amazing vacation to California? Holy Cow, 12 wineries? Are you still hung over? I think that would make for some interesting blogging, girl. Either way, I’m glad you are back at it and I love the whole, Paul’s got the ginormous TV with soupped up Direct-tv. Beautiful!

  2. Please go with option #5. Because if you don’t, I might! 🙂

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