Brown-Bagging In Style

When I’m organized enough to buy lunchable food items at the grocery store each week, I’m pretty good about packing a lunch in the mornings. It’s a sad routine of the following: a cracker-like snack, fruit, a turkey sandwich, and yogurt. Occasionally I’ll have left-overs from the previous evening’s dinner, but I refuse to succumb to the frozen Lean Cuisine entrees that the rest of my lunch companions seem to enjoy. Where’s the taste. C’mon.

The lunchroom itself is fairly drab – three microwaves, an industrial-sized coffee machine, two refrigerators, water coolers, tables, and no windows. In order to remember which fridge I put my lunch in I usually choose the one on the left (being a south paw and all). About a month or so ago, there was a luncheon held for one of the departments and the head admin commandeered the fridge on the left for all of the trays of food she had ordered. This meant my displaced lunch would spend the morning in the right-side fridge. Upon opening the fridge door, I saw something red catch my eye. It was the most beautiful and stylish lunch tote I had ever seen. A cherry-red, neoprene-fabric lunch tote. A purse with insulating abilities, you might say. An outside Velcro pocket, zipper top with two pockets on the inside (yes, I did carefully examine it one morning), and clear plastic handles. So began my coveting of an unknown co-worker’s lunch tote. It was also then that I decided sometimes you need to make a change and try something different – like store your lunch in a new refrigerator. By the next day my bag was nestled up against that fab little gem, so hoping to soak up any chic style that might come my way… Second shelf… Towards the front… The smell of sour milk wafting down from the first shelf. Ahh, heaven. My current lunch tote was the birthday-decorated gift bag that I had found sitting on a shelf in my front closet. I thought it was the perfect size to shove into a fridge, and loud enough so that no one will mistake my lunch for theirs. Yet, next to my coveted, I almost felt cheap. I mean, this was style we’re talking about. But, I didn’t care.

My coveting was a fun little game. As the weeks went by I often wondered whose lunch tote it was. I knew it had to belong to a stylish gal in the office. But, who? Was it the receptionist? Was it the new girl that recently started in the online group? What about the senior writer with snappy jewelry? Or the creative that made her own purses? Who could it be?

And then it happened. Early one morning, I was on the phone with an annoying sales rep when that red lunch tote sauntered past my desk on the arm of the one stylish co-worker that I had forgotten about. She sits back in the corner. Has a lot of off-site meetings. Part of the business group. Why hadn’t I thought of her first? She oozes understated style. Always in darks with the high heels. Of course! So, now it just felt kind of weird, knowing the identity of my coveted tote’s owner. And there ended my coveting. Boo.

Flash forward to this evening when I stopped at the Outpost to see if my very first CSA share of the season had come in yet. While perusing their Candyland aisles I spied my coveted – IN DARK GREEN! Woohoo! I had found it, or rather, it had found me! It was like it was calling my name, and for $14.99 it was all mine! I really had to have it. I didn’t even think twice about putting it back on the shelf. I promised I would be the best lunch tote owner ever. I would bring my lunch every day. Even taco Tuesday. I would make sure it didn’t get shoved and stuffed. I would wash it out if something spilled inside. Yes, at long last it was mine!

Now I too have style in my lunch. Look out Ziploc! Look out Tupperware! You’re gonna be lookin’ fine!


2 Responses

  1. Oh, sweet story. How bout a picture of this awesome tote? You are so high stylin’ yourself!

  2. So… you haven’t done anything worth blogging about in the last month and a half? Lame.

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