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In an attempt to purchase tickets to an upcoming sold out Brewers game, I ventured out onto Craigslist to see what I might find. I nicely emailed several individuals about tickets and received no reply for two days. Then, I thought I had struck gold. I received a response from a seller with 4 tickets in a nice sunny spot fairly close to the field. Granted, the asking price was higher than what those seats should have sold for at the ticket office, but who can argue with the purchasing of goods and services on a free site like Craigslist? Plus, it was going to be fun to take my parents and Pickle to a baseball game.

Due to where the seller was located, I was planning to pick them up over my lunch hour today. Wellll, this didn’t work for the seller (now referred to as Buck-o) because he doesn’t normally take a lunch or leave his office during the day. So, Pickle’s good friend, Joel, offered to pick them up for me on Wednesday morning because he lives fairly close to where the seller works. Isn’t that so kind and generous? Saint Joel! However, this also didn’t work for Buck-o because couldn’t I just meet him at the Target in Grafton at 9:45pm on Monday night? Yeah, me going to Grafton late at night to meet some stranger in a Target parking lot. As much as I like that Target, it’s not gonna happen, Buck-o (and, yes, the name Buck-o has been modified slightly order to keep this post clean).

So, St. Joel has the money. He will guarantee the pick up on Wednesday morning at 8:15am. Please tell me where he can meet you. Does this sound like a drug deal to you too?

Now Buck-o won’t respond to me, and I just found a new listing by the same seller on Craigslist trying to sell them for $10 more per seat than he asked me for.

Greedy freakin’ pig. I know, I know, good and services, blah, blah, blah. But, I just got burned by Craigslist on my first time out. I can only hope he needs that extra $10 per seat for diapers or formula or medication. Right.


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