I’m getting married! To my fella, Mr. Paul Post. We will exchange vows and celebrate with family and friends in this lovely rustic barn (below) this coming May. It was a toss-up between getting married in Milwaukee, Kalamazoo, or California wine country (our most favorite vacation this year). We opted for Kalamazoo because deep down I’m a little more traditional than I thought I was. While it’s not exactly in Kalamazoo, it is pretty darn close (The Millcreek Barn near Watervliet, MI). The reception site is currently under construction, but our concerns have been put to rest, as they plan to have everything done by the end of April. With this in mind we felt it was safe to confirm May 30th as our date. Paul and I will get to see things progress over the months during our trips around the lake to figure out vendors and details. Or, perhaps that will be my area of expertise while he finds us a house to live in back in Milwaukee…although I hear there is one for sale

Look at all those windows!

Look at all those windows!

across the street from Mom & Dad!

As far as other details go, we will be checking things off Paul’s iPhone Wedding Checklist application (ironically created by a friend’s friend – small world!) throughout the coming weeks. I have to admit this has been pretty handy as we’ve already checked four things off our list! Woo-hoo! Now, I’ve got to buckle down and figure out some colors schemes. Sounds like hours of blisfful research. I’ll try to post things as I go along. Interior of barn still in the works!


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  1. Sounds like a lovely location! Looking forward to it.

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