I’m getting married! To my fella, Mr. Paul Post. We will exchange vows and celebrate with family and friends in this lovely rustic barn (below) this coming May. It was a toss-up between getting married in Milwaukee, Kalamazoo, or California wine country (our most favorite vacation this year). We opted for Kalamazoo because deep down I’m a little more traditional than I thought I was. While it’s not exactly in Kalamazoo, it is pretty darn close (The Millcreek Barn near Watervliet, MI). The reception site is currently under construction, but our concerns have been put to rest, as they plan to have everything done by the end of April. With this in mind we felt it was safe to confirm May 30th as our date. Paul and I will get to see things progress over the months during our trips around the lake to figure out vendors and details. Or, perhaps that will be my area of expertise while he finds us a house to live in back in Milwaukee…although I hear there is one for sale

Look at all those windows!

Look at all those windows!

across the street from Mom & Dad!

As far as other details go, we will be checking things off Paul’s iPhone Wedding Checklist application (ironically created by a friend’s friend – small world!) throughout the coming weeks. I have to admit this has been pretty handy as we’ve already checked four things off our list! Woo-hoo! Now, I’ve got to buckle down and figure out some colors schemes. Sounds like hours of blisfful research. I’ll try to post things as I go along. Interior of barn still in the works!


Faith in Craigslist Restored – Sort of

So, Buck-O came through on his end. I got the tickets! The only problem is…they’re in the family section. Meaning, no alcohol consumption allowed while sitting in your seat. There are only three sections in Miller Park that provide this alcohol free zone to their fans. Just my luck. It’s actually a very nice thing to do, considering how rowdy the fans can get. But, Buck-O didn’t mention this in the transaction. Now Dad and Pickle will have to consume their drinks in another part of the park. Oh well. I have tickets to a sold out Brewers game! For next weekend! My stress level has just gone down about 48.9%. Now, if I could just get rid of the other 51.1%, I may have my health back under control.


In an attempt to purchase tickets to an upcoming sold out Brewers game, I ventured out onto Craigslist to see what I might find. I nicely emailed several individuals about tickets and received no reply for two days. Then, I thought I had struck gold. I received a response from a seller with 4 tickets in a nice sunny spot fairly close to the field. Granted, the asking price was higher than what those seats should have sold for at the ticket office, but who can argue with the purchasing of goods and services on a free site like Craigslist? Plus, it was going to be fun to take my parents and Pickle to a baseball game.

Due to where the seller was located, I was planning to pick them up over my lunch hour today. Wellll, this didn’t work for the seller (now referred to as Buck-o) because he doesn’t normally take a lunch or leave his office during the day. So, Pickle’s good friend, Joel, offered to pick them up for me on Wednesday morning because he lives fairly close to where the seller works. Isn’t that so kind and generous? Saint Joel! However, this also didn’t work for Buck-o because couldn’t I just meet him at the Target in Grafton at 9:45pm on Monday night? Yeah, me going to Grafton late at night to meet some stranger in a Target parking lot. As much as I like that Target, it’s not gonna happen, Buck-o (and, yes, the name Buck-o has been modified slightly order to keep this post clean).

So, St. Joel has the money. He will guarantee the pick up on Wednesday morning at 8:15am. Please tell me where he can meet you. Does this sound like a drug deal to you too?

Now Buck-o won’t respond to me, and I just found a new listing by the same seller on Craigslist trying to sell them for $10 more per seat than he asked me for.

Greedy freakin’ pig. I know, I know, good and services, blah, blah, blah. But, I just got burned by Craigslist on my first time out. I can only hope he needs that extra $10 per seat for diapers or formula or medication. Right.

Brown-Bagging In Style

When I’m organized enough to buy lunchable food items at the grocery store each week, I’m pretty good about packing a lunch in the mornings. It’s a sad routine of the following: a cracker-like snack, fruit, a turkey sandwich, and yogurt. Occasionally I’ll have left-overs from the previous evening’s dinner, but I refuse to succumb to the frozen Lean Cuisine entrees that the rest of my lunch companions seem to enjoy. Where’s the taste. C’mon.

The lunchroom itself is fairly drab – three microwaves, an industrial-sized coffee machine, two refrigerators, water coolers, tables, and no windows. In order to remember which fridge I put my lunch in I usually choose the one on the left (being a south paw and all). About a month or so ago, there was a luncheon held for one of the departments and the head admin commandeered the fridge on the left for all of the trays of food she had ordered. This meant my displaced lunch would spend the morning in the right-side fridge. Upon opening the fridge door, I saw something red catch my eye. It was the most beautiful and stylish lunch tote I had ever seen. A cherry-red, neoprene-fabric lunch tote. A purse with insulating abilities, you might say. An outside Velcro pocket, zipper top with two pockets on the inside (yes, I did carefully examine it one morning), and clear plastic handles. So began my coveting of an unknown co-worker’s lunch tote. It was also then that I decided sometimes you need to make a change and try something different – like store your lunch in a new refrigerator. By the next day my bag was nestled up against that fab little gem, so hoping to soak up any chic style that might come my way… Second shelf… Towards the front… The smell of sour milk wafting down from the first shelf. Ahh, heaven. My current lunch tote was the birthday-decorated gift bag that I had found sitting on a shelf in my front closet. I thought it was the perfect size to shove into a fridge, and loud enough so that no one will mistake my lunch for theirs. Yet, next to my coveted, I almost felt cheap. I mean, this was style we’re talking about. But, I didn’t care.

My coveting was a fun little game. As the weeks went by I often wondered whose lunch tote it was. I knew it had to belong to a stylish gal in the office. But, who? Was it the receptionist? Was it the new girl that recently started in the online group? What about the senior writer with snappy jewelry? Or the creative that made her own purses? Who could it be?

And then it happened. Early one morning, I was on the phone with an annoying sales rep when that red lunch tote sauntered past my desk on the arm of the one stylish co-worker that I had forgotten about. She sits back in the corner. Has a lot of off-site meetings. Part of the business group. Why hadn’t I thought of her first? She oozes understated style. Always in darks with the high heels. Of course! So, now it just felt kind of weird, knowing the identity of my coveted tote’s owner. And there ended my coveting. Boo.

Flash forward to this evening when I stopped at the Outpost to see if my very first CSA share of the season had come in yet. While perusing their Candyland aisles I spied my coveted – IN DARK GREEN! Woohoo! I had found it, or rather, it had found me! It was like it was calling my name, and for $14.99 it was all mine! I really had to have it. I didn’t even think twice about putting it back on the shelf. I promised I would be the best lunch tote owner ever. I would bring my lunch every day. Even taco Tuesday. I would make sure it didn’t get shoved and stuffed. I would wash it out if something spilled inside. Yes, at long last it was mine!

Now I too have style in my lunch. Look out Ziploc! Look out Tupperware! You’re gonna be lookin’ fine!

It’s been a while…

So, part of me has been wondering if I would continue this blog. I was into it for a while, but it’s difficult writing about something that’s interesting all the time. I could write about work, but that would probably get me into trouble one day. I could write about Paul, but that would make his head even bigger than it already is. I could even vent about annoyances, but where’s the fun in that? I really enjoy T’s blog because while I already knew that being a mom is amazing, I also know that being a mom is tough – and she points out the good, the bad and the ugly with a humorous twist.

So, what’s my angle? I’m still trying to figure that out.

Possible blog angles:

  1. How to deal with living in tiny spaces: I could blog about the size of my apartment and all of the things I could create more storage space.
  2. How to throw things away: if you only knew how many empty boxes I save – big, little, extra little, gift, moving, storage. I have no need for them, except as soon as I throw them away I’ll decide to move. I just know it.
  3. What am I drinking (at the moment it’s a Harp beer. Because I can): Paul and I recently went on a vacation to California where we visited 12 wineries. Yes, 12. We joined a wine club while we were out there that may keep us stocked for quite a while. I may live in Beer Town, but I do love the vino!
  4. Things to do when you don’t have cable: It’s true. I live in a cable-free household. Scary, right? Paul is my source for all things entertaining – from his irresistible personality to his 70″ flat screen Direct TV hook-up. So, I could offer solutions to living without cable (besides getting a techy-loving boyfriend, that is).
  5. Make up stuff: I am often told I say “maybe” a lot. Apparently my “maybes” tend to be completely ludicrous ideas. Maybe. What is the origin of that word? I need it to go away. Maybe…

Not sure yet. You’ll just have to be surprised.

Another busy weekend

I thought things were supposed to slow down in January? Hibernate, watch a lot of DVD’s, sleep, read. Things I looked forward to in December. Well, we went bowling again this weekend, and I have to say my game improved a ton over last week. Paul’s did too. But, let’s just say mine was better and leave it at that. We also had a Settlers of Catan game night on Saturday. We played the Seafarer’s version, which Paul gave me for Christmas. The board dynamics change completely – more islands, strategies, and most especially…time. Sunday night we checked out The Editors show at the Pabst. Music was good; light show was awful. It kind of ruined the whole night. A well-intentioned British pop invasion goes bad. Lead singer (Tom Smith) sounded like Morrissey, though, whom I have liked since 8th grade. I played a little when I got home and realized it was only the live Tom Smith that sounded like Morrissey; the CD sounds nothing like Mr. Mo. Made the night a little bit better, though, to fall asleep to “Every Day is Like Sunday” – on a Sunday, no less.

Now, I plan to rest up for next weekend – 2 birthday parties, a superbowl pre-party, furniture shopping, and a superbowl party. I’m glad there’s a coffee shop on almost every corner here in town…

Who’s your inner rock chick?

Thankfully, I’m not Brit-Brit! Who are you?
Credit for this find goes to Paul’s sister at Knitilicious.

All guys dream about you
And all the girls want to be you
“Sappy pathetic little me
That was the girl I used to be”