Paul’s Love for Wiki

Paul and I started playing a new Wii game about a month ago, called Zack and Wiki. I Like! I Like! I have actually played this game almost to the end – I am currently on the last level before the BIG FINALE fight against Pirate Barbaros. Yes, there was lots of pirate talk during this game. And while Paul has completed the Big Finale, I am happy to say that I’ll be diligently working towards completion as well. I kind of wish I had blogged about this one a little more than now, as there are different pirate titles you can receive once you’ve finished specific levels – Pirate Master Guru, Pirate Extraordinaire, etc. And Wiki! How can you not have affection for Wiki. Paul chuckles when I make a reference to Wiki outside of playing the game. Wiki! I will miss you once the game is over…

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